Day 67 – A Blast From the Past

Do you recognize this screenshot?


Yes, this is SkiFree. I remember playing it on Windows 95 and 98 when I was younger. When we upgraded to XP, it was gone and I forgot about it until I was working at ITS and the guys there were talking about old computer games. I remember having a lot of fun with this game, so I did some searching for it. Come to find out, the designer recompiled it in 2005 to work on XP! We run Vista machines at ITS, but I decided to download and try it anyway. It worked! I was pleasantly surprised. I converted to Mac OS X a few years ago, but my parents still have a Windows machine at home. I am going to install it when I come home in the summer.

Does anyone know how far one can actually get in that game? It seems like as soon as you get to a certain point, the abominable snowman eats you and there is no way to escape it. It runs super fast!

If you have a Windows machine running XP or Vista, download SkiFree at and have some fond memories of the past!

One response to “Day 67 – A Blast From the Past”

  1. Bethany Avatar

    Wow, this is hilarious!! I have to tell my brother: he’ll love it!

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