Day 60 – More Filming

My friends did some more filming of Roland today. I was able to sneak in and take some photos. Above are a few samples. I apologize that the photos are slightly morbid. Click the photos to view them larger.

My parents had to go back home last night. I enjoyed my weekend with them; it was nice to see them and spend some time with them around Hillsdale. Today I went to see Synergia, a joint performance of the Hillsdale Tower Dancers and Percussion Ensemble. It was a great show and I have a new respect for and interest in the marimba. It sounds so great! I am spending the rest of the evening reading for American Heritage, reading part one of Faust, and doing some math practice.

4 responses to “Day 60 – More Filming”

  1. amanda Avatar

    hey, that’s what i play! maybe i can teach you 😉

  2. Mom Avatar

    No need to apologize, this is your blog. Put on whatever you like!

  3. Dad Avatar

    I am REAL fond of Walther semi autos!

  4. cagrimmett Avatar

    Yes, Walther P99s are pretty nice!

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