Day 57 – Art on the Great Plains (Not Necessarily Great Plains Art)

While driving over the Great Plains with my parents a few years ago, I encountered a plot of land that had many large pieces of art like this. The only one I can distinctly remember is a large yellow hammer. To get an idea of the size of these all-metal objects, look at the tip of the bull’s horn. The little dot on top is a hawk sitting there. These objects were massive. I tried to find the artist who makes these creations, but my search efforts, though short-lived, were fruitless. Click on the photo to view it larger.

I turned my paper in today! I also listened to a speaker from the Koch foundation talk about applying market-based management to your person and career. He gave an interesting talk that made me think. In very-near future events in my life, my parents are coming up to Hillsdale tomorrow evening for Parents’ Weekend. I am excited to see them!

Time to get back to studying the Constitution and working on improper integrals (not necessarily at the same time…).

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