Day 53 – Filming “Roland”



Hillsdale junior Allen Shoff is in the process of making a new film. He has made a few short films before and I hear they are very good. They have been writing scripts for weeks and I saw his group setting up a scene today, so I stopped by to take a couple shots. In this photo, Doug McAlister and Kellie Eder study their lines, while Aaron Mortier prepares to record audio.


Here is what Allen Shoff wrote about his film: “Stolen Fire Films today began its most ambitious project to date: the feature-length film ‘Roland’. The story of Roland James Payton, a young, newly-married police detective struggling to return law and order to a troubled city. When a enigmatic new criminal element enters the city, brilliantly seizing power and predicting every move by the police, Detective Payton faces an impossible situation. As his marriage and his career spiral into a morass of treachery and lies, the line between justice and vengeance begins to blur, and Detective Payton is forced to make the choice that could mean the difference between the salvation of the city and his own damnation.
The screenplay of Roland was finished in late January, and filming began on February 22nd after a lengthy pre-production process. The ensemble cast and dedicated crew put in their first afternoon and evening of filming, transforming the room of Niedfeldt’s house director Scott Henry into the loving home of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Payton.”


I had a pretty productive day so far. I did all of my laundry, shot some photos for the Collegian, and worked on my English paper. Later tonight I need to read Racine’s Phaedra and work on some calculus problems. Tomorrow I am going to go see Jim Shepard read a piece of his fiction and then on Tuesday he is going to talk about historical fiction. It should be interesting. I will not post a photo of him speaking because my cousin Hank D told me he is sick of seeing speaker photos since I did so many during the CCA week.

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    Thanks for taking those pictures.

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