Day 52 – Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor


This afternoon, Richard, David, and I drove up to Ann Arbor to check out the city. We ended up eating at Chipotle (excellent), shopping at Briarwood mall, and then eating dessert at a neat little place downtown called The Chocolate House. They had great expresso and chocolate cake. At Briarwood, I bought two pairs of jeans that were on sale at American Eagle and Hollister, and a nice polo that was also a good price at Hollister. We looked at many other stores, but there were no great deals elsewhere. I took the photo above later in the evening when we were walking around downtown. It is not a great photo because I did not have my tripod to keep it steady and I had my ISO too high. 


Oh, one neat thing about Ann Arbor is that all of their sidewalk lights were LEDs. Very cool.


Also, I finally posted the answer to the math problem from 12 days ago. It is the comment at the bottom.

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