Day 51 – Niedfeldt Dance Party

My dorm has dance parties occasionally and tonight was one of those nights. There were strobe lights going, so I thought it would be an interesting long exposure (thought it was not that long… only 1/3 second). Click on the photo to view large.


One of my classes was cancelled today, so I had a nice nap after lunch. Later this evening, I went out to get pizza, then went to a discussion on intellectual property (or, more appropriately, the lack thereof). After that, I helped David Wagner with making an interview video to go with one of his job applications. Also, Sam Branchaw and I introduced Aubrey Annis to Monty Python and the Holy Grail


Also, I scored 100% on the Calc II exam I took on Monday! I am still waiting to hear back on other exams I had in the last two weeks.

5 responses to “Day 51 – Niedfeldt Dance Party”

  1. Michael Blank Avatar
    Michael Blank

    As I said before Chuck, great picture.

  2. HannahM Avatar

    Wow, Chuck, that’s a really good picture of the rave! I like how the strobe effect makes everyone appear distinctly twice, instead of blurry.

  3. Mom Avatar

    Hey, congrats on the calc II exam!! Good job. Aubrey, I am so sorry, Monty Python is no my idea of funny!

  4. William Avatar

    Nice shot! Slow rear curtain sync flash, or pure ambient light?

  5. cagrimmett Avatar

    It was actually slow front curtain sync. The flash shot as soon as the shutter opened. The strobe lights in the room provided the light for the rest of the shot.

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