Day 51 – Niedfeldt Dance Party

My dorm has dance parties occasionally and tonight was one of those nights. There were strobe lights going, so I thought it would be an interesting long exposure (thought it was not that long… only 1/3 second). Click on the photo to view large.


One of my classes was cancelled today, so I had a nice nap after lunch. Later this evening, I went out to get pizza, then went to a discussion on intellectual property (or, more appropriately, the lack thereof). After that, I helped David Wagner with making an interview video to go with one of his job applications. Also, Sam Branchaw and I introduced Aubrey Annis to Monty Python and the Holy Grail


Also, I scored 100% on the Calc II exam I took on Monday! I am still waiting to hear back on other exams I had in the last two weeks.

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  1. Wow, Chuck, that’s a really good picture of the rave! I like how the strobe effect makes everyone appear distinctly twice, instead of blurry.

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