Day 49 – A.J.’s Cafe

Today’s post is rather short because I have an essay to get a head start on and an exam (being given tomorrow) to study for.


The above photo was taken at A.J.’s Cafe, a cafe in the student union at Hillsdale. It serves food late into the evening and serves as a hangout/study spot for students until 2 a.m. I had to take photos a few nights ago of students enjoying themselves in the student union for a book being made for the family who financed the building. While I took lots of nice photos of students studying, playing games, and relaxing, I also saw this neat little guy and took a picture of him. I wish there were students at the tables, though.


Here is a good article pertaining to my post yesterday. I suggest you read it:

Printing Like Mad by Frank Shostak

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