Rocky Mountain National Park

Tomorrow President Obama will sign the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in Denver, CO. I am sure the federal reserve already has their printing presses running non-stop and before the ink of Obama’s signature dries, Uncle Ben will start up his helicopters and fly around the nation dropping money. (Obviously I am joking here… what they are going to do is just add numbers into a database and make it seem like they have money instead of actually printing it. This has the same end as printing it, though.)


What does that have to do with elk? Rocky Mountain National Park (where I took this photo in 2007) is just outside of Denver. This was about 1000 ft above the tree line in the alpine tundra. I put on my telephoto lens and snapped this nice shot of these two bull elk.


On a lighter note than the nation’s coming fiscal crash, I am pretty sure I aced my Calc II exam today.

One response to “Day 47 – Elk Photos and Stimulus Woes”

  1. Dad Avatar

    I am sure the elk we enjoyed that fine day in July will Bolt to woods at the sound of Obama One- I mean Air Force One. So Should we!

    I enjoy that photo daily in our living room.

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