Day 46 – Back at Hillsdale

Central Hall


I am back in Hillsdale after a nice weekend at home. I had a little bit of a disappointment on the way back, though. To keep myself awake and alert for the trip (I left at 9:30 p.m.), I figured out in my head every couple of mile markers how far I had left on the highway and at what time I would reach Hillsdale if I maintained the speed at that time. As I came close, I realized that I was about a minute and a half off because I had been using the wrong exit the whole time. I get off at exit 13 and I had been calculating with exit 15 the whole time. (Exit 13 on the Ohio turnpike is Ohio State Route 15, so that is where I got confused.) 


I returned to Hillsdale this evening to see the campus covered in snow again after having 60 degree weather last week. I took this photo at the beginning of January when I came back for second semester.

3 responses to “Day 46 – Back at Hillsdale”

  1. Mort Avatar

    Ok, just for that, you get major extra nerd points. No excuses; you earned them. (Still, I’m impressed! :))

  2. Tyler Machovina Avatar

    Chuck, I did this the whole way home this weekend! I got mine right. way to go.

  3. Bethany Avatar

    Wow, that is a bit OCD. 😉

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