Day 45 – Parents’ 25th Anniversary

Mock Wedding

Today was the surprise party for my parents’ 25th anniversary. It was a fun event. Family came in from out of town and my grandma and aunt arranged for my parents to be sent on a cruise in May. It was nice to see lots of family again. Here my parents are, still wearing the “mock wedding” attire put on them, doing the ceremonial feeding of the cake to each other. Their actual anniversary is on Feb. 18, but today was a good day to have everyone get together. 


Today was also Valentine’s Day. Before my parents’ party, I spent a wonderful late morning/early afternoon with Amanda.


I will be back up to Hillsdale Sunday night, after I go to the History and Current Events Seminar here at home that I used to be a part of. The group is discussing P. J. O’Rourke’s On the Wealth of Nations. It should be interesting. Since I have read Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, I will discuss some of my thoughts on the historic book and O’Rourke’s explanations.

3 responses to “Day 45 – Parents’ 25th Anniversary”

  1. Jacob Shalkhauser Avatar
    Jacob Shalkhauser

    Happy anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Grimmett!

  2. Mom Avatar

    Thank you Jacob! And what a surprise it was! I need to apologize for the attire. I thought we were going to a Steak Fry! I guess I should have listened to my son when he told me to wear something nice to the steak fry, and this did not clue me in to what was about to take place that evening.

  3. Dad Avatar

    Good to have you home for the weekend! Thanks to Mr. Strohm for his hospitality.

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