Day 42 – Guest Post

Chuck and Sean


I’m sure all of you were expecting a post from Chuck this evening, however the internet connection at Hillsdale is unfortunately down. In a valiant effort to keep Project 365 not Project 364, he called on myself to write a guest post for day 42. 

My name is Sean Nelson, a close friend of Chuck’s who is currently going to school in Ohio. I’ve known Chuck since when we both wore Rolling Stones T-Shirts and listened to Black Sabbath in Junior High (probably earlier). After junior high, we worked together in our high school’s technology department and shared quite a few good times (this was around the time he started listening to techno, something I still don’t  understand). A few years later we started the successful light graffiti project Illum that continued up until graduation. Since then, we’ve kept in contact through iChat and emails (although I take forever to respond to the latter). That’s enough of a history lesson…

I wish I had embarrassing stories about Chuck to expose to the world (or at least his 10 subscribers on Feedburner), but nothing really comes to mind at the moment.

Anyway, best of luck with your Project 365 Chuck and thanks for all the help throughout the years.


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  1. amanda Avatar

    well done, sean paul 🙂

  2. Dad Avatar

    Nice save Lil !

  3. Amanda S. Avatar
    Amanda S.

    Aww. You two are cute. 🙂

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