Day 21 – Bowling

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Tonight some of the guys in Niedfeldt (my dorm) decided to go bowling and invited me along. I had a lot of fun and ended up bowling a 159 (better than normal for me). I also got to take some great action shots of guys throwing the ball, since we were in a lane on the end.


Good news! I got another job today! In addition to working as a computer technician in the afternoons at ITS, I am now a lab assistant in one of the big computer labs from 11-2 on Mondays and Wednesdays. As a lab assistant, all I have to do is make sure that the printer does not malfunction and add paper, help people if they have a question (which other assistants tell me is quite rare), and watch over the lab to make sure people do not make off with the college’s stuff. (Since this is Hillsdale, I am not worried about stealing. Students, myself included, leave their laptops and books unattended in rooms almost on a daily basis with no worries. Crime is not a problem here.)


Basically, I am getting paid to sit at a desk and do homework, which I usually do at that time between classes anyway. Of course, part of my compensation is the opportunity cost of what I could have done with that three hours, but since I am doing what I would have done anyway, it is a great deal. Additionally, since I have to work through lunch, I get paid for an extra hour on top of my normal shift, so I get paid for 8 hours of lab work each week when I only do 6 hours. Not a bad deal considering the cafeteria at Hillsdale will make you a lunch to-go, which I can pick up right before my shift starts. This brings up my total number of paid hours to 19 hours a week, just shy of the 20 hour limit that the state of Michigan imposed upon students.


I want to reiterate from previous posts that I really enjoy my classes this semester. Calculus II is going well and my professor is funny if you understand clever math jokes. My econ professors are also pretty funny and I just enjoy economics all around. Also, I think that my English and History professors both are very bright, great lecturers, and very entertaining. Hillsdale is a wonderful place.

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  1. Dad Avatar

    Congrats on your new job! I am proud of you. Very resourceful, I like that! / dad

  2. Matt Avatar

    You should show me those photos soon.

    Thanks for coming tonight. Congrats on a good performance!

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