Day 13 – Reflections

I took this photo two summers ago. The figure in the glasses is my great friend Sean Nelson. The warm summer sun shining on this picnic table is a big change from the cold, windy, snowy weather Hillsdale has been having the last few days. It is 3 degrees as I write this.


Today was a nice day overall. I sold yearbooks at registration all morning until lunchtime, and did some preparation for my classes after lunch (getting binders together and printing out documents, including over 200 pages for Dr. Birzer for the semester). I also relaxed a little by watching Rainman with some friends and then went to Tuesday Tea at Waterman for two hours, where everyone stood around and caught up about finals and the break and what classes everyone is taking. 


Tomorrow I start classes! (If you are reading the email notification, since it goes out the day after I post, I start today!)

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