I think people are calling him the Messiah or whatever else because he has done something that no other President really has…. PRE Inauguration. I’m not saying that his ability to unite people and give many Americans hope is something to marvel at because it is nothing concrete, however people are not praising him based on his political experience and/or acts of policy.

And the Al Gore internet thing always drives me crazy. I am yet to find where Al Gore said or any variations of saying “I created the Internet.” Not saying he didn’t say it, however I haven’t found it yet. So please, if ANYONE can find where he said something like that, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise… I don’t think it’s fair.. the closest thing I’ve ever seen is where he said said along the lines of how he helped advance the use of technology greatly in the 90’s. But besides that, I’m not sure, so get back at me if we can find it