As I have posted earlier, it is ok for us to disagree and have different opinions. That’s why we live in America.
Freedom to think and speak as we wish.
Without this there would be no need for fine establishments like Hillsdale College.
I am not against Obama, I hope he does well. I personally don’t think we as a nation can afford him, but we will see. All eyes are on him. If he does well I will acknowlege him. If he fails, It will take decades to pull us out of debt.
I cannot belive people are calling Obama the Messiah, The chosen one, crying in the streets praising him. HE HASEN’T DONE ANYTHING YET! But I cannot expect much more, the same folks gave Al Gore a Nobel Peace Prize for global warming when it was -10 degrees at the Global Warming Summit!
Why not, he invented the internet!