Thanks for the new clarification Chuck. I know that you’re not particularly against Obama, but anyone in that position, but I’m not sure if everyone else realized that.

I’m not sure what to think about your opinion on personal property rights and how that is the country’s biggest problem, but I’m glad that we can agree on the fact that nothing can be solved until we are united as a country.

Concerning the sheep, I was actually referring to the post that your dad made (which in a few places was nonsense and mean). I was a bit offended that in effect he was calling supporters ignorant/stupid and just seeking leadership. How about this. I think that everyone who supports McCain and Palin are retarded. That was easy, and has the same effect.

Piggybacking off what you said about Obama and technology, I couldn’t agree more. As I’m sure you noticed, the new was released in true Apple fashion as soon as the inauguration.

I’m not sure if you read this, but it’s interesting.

Take care,