I am honestly shocked that no-one who posted so far on this post is not biased or extremest in any way. That’s where the sarcasm stops.

Obviously Obama is not going to fix things overnight, and the majority of his supporters (like myself) are completely aware of this. While those who do believe this to some extent, they should not be considered “sheep.” They simply have faith in something that has a personal connection to them. And just to clarify, when I mention faith, I say that with no connection to religion. God has no place in our government at all. (A big reason why I was not a supporter of the McCain/Palin campaign. Palin was gearing up to fight her holy war for us, and we have enough problems. But that’s besides the point.)

What Obama needs to do before anything gets solved is unite the country, and this is his goal. Being as divided and intolerant as we are of other races, religions, and lifestyles, nothing will be solved until this is fixed.

I hope that he is the man to do it.

Also, I find it a little tacky that someone who is trying to make a connection between Obama and terrorism (which is simply scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to justify why he is “out to get everyone” and a just a bit ignorant if you ask me) spells his middle name wrong. Hussein is the correct way to write it.