Ryan Black, Actor


In the spring I shot some portraits of Ryan Black for his acting portfolio. I included strobist info underneath each photo. Thank you to Alex Cothran for assisting me on this shoot.

Strobist info: Two studio strobes in umbrella softboxes at 45 degrees from Ryan’s nose on both sides. Both on 1/8 power. There is also a Canon 430EX behind Ryan on camera left giving an accent to his face on that side.

Strobist info: Studio strobe in an umbrella softbox camera right right about 3ft away from Ryan at a 30 degree angle from his nose for a key light and another studio strobe in an umbrella softbox camera left for fill. Fired via pc port on my camera.

Strobist info: Key: Studio strobe in umbrella softbox on camera right about 50-60 degrees up and 45 degrees to the right. approximately 3ft away. Fill light is from another studio strobe in an umbrella softbox about 6ft away on camera left.

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