Jenifer at W@tercooler


For the next few weeks, I am participating in the Strobist Boot Camp III in order to have some fun and hone my skills.

Here is my entry for the first assignment.

Strobist info: Canon 430EX fired through a softbox camera right about 3 feet away on 1/32. Vivitar 285HV gobo’d and fired at 1/4 into the ceiling behind Jenifer on camera left to light up the background. Both flashes fired via Cactus V5 triggers.

I chose Jenifer for the first assignment of Strobist Boot Camp III because she is a pillar of Tarrytown, NY, a small Hudson river community north of NYC. She started a community event, Third Friday, a few years ago and it grew into a large event which locals all look forward to each month. She is also involved in just about every aspect of the community, from hosting art shows and organizing library programs to helping preserve local architecture. Jenifer can hardly walk down the street without someone recognizing her friendly smile.

Here is one of the test shots I took. I ended up not being as satisfied with the logo in the background as I thought I would be, so I moved to she shot above. I still like this one, though.

I took both photos at W@tercooler, Jenifer’s new business venture in Tarrytown.

Strobist info: softbox camera right with Canon 430EX on 1/8 power. Vivitar 285HV on 1/4 snooted to light up the background. Both flashes fired via Cactus V5 triggers.

I am currently working on the next assignment. I will post all five here over the next few weeks. Check back!

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