Great Day For a Hike

I am in Estes Park, Colorado this week for the Foundation for Economic Education‘s Freedom Academy for high school students. (I know that I haven’t posted on my blog much this summer. I’ve been quite busy. I have a wonderful internship with the Foundation for Economic Education. I am working out of Atlanta with trips to Colorado and New York. More on that in a later post!) The seminar staff all flew in on Friday night, then we did as much prep work as we could in order to take some time to ourselves today before the students show up on Monday morning. Since we are right next to Rocky Mountain National Park, we decided to do a short 3.6 mile (roundtrip) hike in the late morning/early afternoon.

Below are some of my photos from the hike. The Rockies are gorgeous! They are teeming with life and beauty. The hike was excellent- beautiful weather up until the last leg of the hike, cool temperatures, sun, and in one instance in the higher elevation, snow on the ground. I even saw wild cutthroat trout in a few of the mountain streams and lakes! I am coming back here in a month for a hiking trip with a friend of mine and his family. I can’t wait!

Click on the photos to view them at a larger size. Enjoy!

Bear Lake:

Looking down on Bear Lake:

Hallett Peak over Dream Lake:

Water Lily on Bear Lake:

Hallet Peak:

Reflections on Bear Lake:

Mountain Stream:

Storms rolling in over Flattop Mountain and Emerald Lake:

Here are a few shots of me taking two of the above photos. The shots of me were taken by Jason Hughey.

3 responses to “Great Day For a Hike”

  1. staffaction Avatar

    Gorgeous shots! I did that same hike almost two years ago.

  2. William Avatar

    Nice shots! I was in Estes Park many years ago for a family reunion, but it was during some fires, so there was ash and smoke in the air. Glad you didn’t have to deal with that. 🙂

  3. Dakota Avatar

    So glad you could visit the homestate, Chuck, enjoy your time there. Estes Park is great.

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