Day 327 – Fire Aftermath


The Chicago Water Grill caught on fire and burnt down last night. I did not know about it until long after the fire was under control, but The Collegian and Will Clayton were there!

I went out right before sundown to get some aftermath photos for The Collegian. Check out the corresponding article. Don’t forget to look at some of Will’s excellent photos from the fire!

2 responses to “Day 327 – Fire Aftermath”

  1. Mom Avatar

    Oh my, what a devastating loss. Nice photos, but we know how that feels.

  2. hannahkm Avatar

    Thanks for the photos, Chuck — I was wondering what the aftermath looked like. It’s hard to realize one of my favorite places in Hillsdale County is now a burned shell amidst a pile of rubble. I have many great memories of that place!

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