Day 252 – Studying on the Quad

It finally stopped raining, and it was a beautiful day today. Many students were studying out in the sun on the quad this afternoon. Caroline (above) didn’t mind me taking photos of her. Natural lighting, f/2.8, 1/500, ISO 100. Click on the photo to view it at a larger size.

5 responses to “Day 252 – Studying on the Quad”

  1. Steve Avatar

    The question is: did Amanda mind?

    1. cagrimmett Avatar

      No, Amanda did not mind. Taking pictures is part of my livelihood, so she is very understanding when I take pictures of other girls, especially when these photos are for college publications. Amanda trusts me that the only thing going on is taking pictures.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Just for chuckles, Chuckles.

  3. Mom Avatar

    This is a very nice photo!

  4. amanda Avatar

    For the record (in case you don’t believe Chuck) : I do not mind. 🙂 They are wonderful pictures!

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