Day 183- Tellico Lake

My grandparents, aunt, uncle, two cousins, parents, and I rented a boat and spent the day on Tellico Lake, one of the TVA lakes in east Tennessee. We had a wonderful time. We also bought along my kayak, and almost everyone tried it out. The weather was wonderful, and we had a full day of water, sun, and fun. Here are some photos. As always, click on the photos to view them at a larger size:

My cousin Wyatt:

Wide angle shot of the great weather (a little underexposed):

My cousin Lindsay trying out the kayak:

The Watts Bar Belle was cruising around on Tellico Lake:

Wyatt and Uncle Kevin try out the kayak. Wyatt later kayaked all by himself!

No telling exactly what we are doing tomorrow. For up-to-date info on what I am doing, check my Twitter.

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