Day 108 – Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

As always, click on the photo to view it large.

Mu Alpha, a music honorary on campus, held their annual Ultimate Frisbee Tournament fundraiser today. Unfortunately, I had to finish up my volunteer hours this morning, so I didn’t join a team. I got back in time to take photos during the championship match, though.

I am going to work on a paper for a while, then spend a few hours at Dr. Stewart’s house for the Mu Alpha pig roast. It should be exciting! It is a beautiful 73 degrees and sunny outside.

2 responses to “Day 108 – Ultimate Frisbee Tournament”

  1. Mom Avatar

    Nice photo! Shouldn’t this be a “non-contact” sport? Looks like the guy in the orange shirt got a right hook to the jaw.

  2. Sean Nelson Avatar
    Sean Nelson

    Oh, no. Ultimate Frisbee is brutal.

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