Day 107 – Where I Want to Be

Click on the photo to view it large. Taken at Ft. Moultrie, SC. Pictured: Aaron Mortier

Today was beautiful! It was sunny with a light breeze and got up to almost 70 degrees. I had a two hour break between lunch and American Heritage, so I sat outside and read. It was wonderful. I also went out for ice cream with some of my friends after dinner, which was a lot of fun.

The end of the semester is coming up quickly, so the last round of exams before finals are coming through, as well as final papers. I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed by what I have to get done in the next week and a half, so like a good Hillsdale student I am spending my Friday night working in Lane Hall instead of relaxing or going to the SAI concert.

Tomorrow afternoon/evening I am going to a pig roast, so that should be fun. Perhaps I will take my camera along and shoot photos of people enjoying themselves. Then, I will put my camera down and enjoy myself, too.

One response to “Day 107 – Where I Want to Be”

  1. Mort Avatar

    Hey, that’s me. I didn’t even know you were taking that picture.
    Yeah, I want to be there as well. As it is, I’m probably one room over right below you. Could you e-mail me that picture sometime?

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