Day 79 – Last Day in Charleston

The above photo is of Sarah and Kahryn climbing a tree at the Pickney site. Click the photo to view it large.

Today was our last day in Charleston. We are driving back to Hillsdale tomorrow (Saturday) morning. The trip was wonderful! I really liked the group of people that went, and I really liked Charleston.

We visited the Charles Pickney Historical Site this morning and then went to Patriot’s Point for the afternoon. Patriot’s Point is home to an aircraft carrier, a submarine, a destroyer, and a Coast Guard cutter. We were able to tour everything except the destroyer. You can see my pictures in today’s photo gallery.

For dinner tonight, we went to Hyman’s Seafood for dinner. I was adventurous again and ordered seafood–part of my campaign to try new things. I ate snapper, oysters, and crabcake. For those of you who don’t know, I have not eaten any kind of fish or seafood since I was little, and the smell of it usually makes me gag. I wanted to give it a chance this trip, so I ate mahi-mahi yesterday and the above-mentioned things today. It turns out that I can tolerate and actually enjoy fish now! (Or at least mahi and snapper.) I think I will leave crabcake and oysters to others, however. I ate them tonight, but did not enjoy them.

View the gallery of my photos from day six.

2 responses to “Day 79 – Last Day in Charleston”

  1. John Wright (Sarah's Dad) Avatar
    John Wright (Sarah’s Dad)

    Thanks for sharing your excellent Charleston photos and blog. Sounds like it was a very enriching and enjoyable experience.

  2. Mom Avatar

    Very nice shot of these ladies in the tree. Good light and not posing!

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