Day 37 – Baw Beese Lake at Night

David Wagner and I went to Baw Beese Lake tonight to walk around and take photos. He has never seen me to long exposures or light graffiti before, so I demonstrated with a few different shots. In a few of the shots we were walking around on the frozen lake.


Click the photos to view them larger. I recommend this to see all of the detail. Once you click on one, use your arrow keys or click on the right side of the photo to navigate to another one.


Also, please leave a comment with which one you like best!


Long Exposures at Baw Beese Lake

Long Exposures at Baw Beese Lake

5 responses to “Day 37 – Baw Beese Lake at Night”

  1. Johannes F. Raebel Avatar

    #5 is my favorite, because it’s quite simple =]


  2. Jacob Shalkhauser Avatar
    Jacob Shalkhauser

    Great photos!

  3. William Avatar

    #1, definitely. Nice work! I’d love to go out with you sometime to do long exposure light painting. Probably when it’s warmer though…. 🙂

  4. amanda Avatar

    i like numbers 5 and 8 😀

  5. Dad Avatar

    I like #2. The shadows of the tree branches have nice detail. Great shots!

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