Day 31 – South Haven, MI

South Pier Lighthouse, South Haven, MI. Click the photo to view it larger.


Today, my friends David, Hannah, Bethany, and I drove two and a half hours west to South Haven, MI. Our original intention was to photograph the lighthouse there and then explore the town, but when we arrived, we found a pleasant surprise. The town was hosting an ice sculpture contest in the main downtown area! It was spectacular. Many restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops were open because all of the tourists (like us), and the town was very lively despite the cold weather. It was a beautiful, sunny day, which was excellent. Hannah (who is also a photographer) and I took a couple hundred photos around town and around the lighthouse. After enduring the piercing wind while out walking on the ice, we found a chocolate shop that serves hot dark chocolate. It was delicious! 


I will post more photos from the trip in the coming days. I will then post a full gallery. Stay tuned! 




More on what I did yesterday, since I did not include it with yesterday’s update: 


I woke up at 7 after sleeping only three and a half hours. I read a few chapters in Don Quixote and then went to Poly-Econ with Dr. Wolfram at 9, then Calc II with Dr. Treloar. After class, I spent an hour taking to Dr. Jackson about Don Quixote, photography, and life in general. Dr. Jackson is so friendly. I really like him. I then went to lunch and Dr. Birzer’s American Heritage class, after which I worked at ITS for two hours. 


The Honors Program hosted a dinner at College Baptist and Dr. Birzer’s family joined us and Dr. Birzer gave a lecture on Charles Carroll of Carrollton. After dinner, I went to a CLO (Classical Liberal Organization) meeting and discussed the upcoming lectures we are hosting and movies we want to show. I am pretty excited for this new club. We all agreed to do a few lectures for weekly meetings, so the first one I am going to do is on Seasteading. The date is TBA.

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  1. Mom Avatar

    Wow, that is a nice photo. Can’t wait to see others. Seasteading…I remember you talking about this one other time. I checked out the website, briefly, and this sounds interesting.

  2. Dad Avatar

    Nice photo! I think Michigan is a beautiful state.

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