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After a long week of writing essays, lots of reading, and a test, the weekend came. I went to a picnic friday evening and Saturday I went for a bike ride, relaxed, washed clothes, and did homework. I also went to see a speaker, Jim Tusty, maker of the film “The Singing Revolution“. After he spoke, he showed the film. The Singing Revolution is an interesting documentary on the role that arts and culture played in Estonia’s independence movement from the USSR. I recommend seeing it if you have a chance. (I am going to buy it when it is available on DVD.)


Sunday was a wonderful day here in Hillsdale. I decided to go out and take photos of the beautiful campus.

Check out the gallery.


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  1. Mom Avatar

    Nice photos!! They really show the nature side of Hillsdale. Can’t wait to see the Slayton Arboretum in persons. The pics are beautiful.

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