What I’m Reading, Listening to, and Using – Spring 2019

I’ve listened to, read, and used a lot more than what is on this list, but this stuff is what I recommend to others. If you want specific recommendations, shoot me an email!



New Newsletters I’ve Joined

Don’t call it a comeback. Newsletters have been here for years. Here are new one’s I’ve joined:


New Tools

  • MailDev – Intercepts outgoing emails during local development and put them in an web inbox on your locahost so you can test.
  • ngrok – Secure public URLs to your local development environment. We are using it to catch webhooks from third party services while we test locally
  • Story Grid – A method for writing fiction. I’m working through the book while I write something of my own
  • CSS Grid Generator – Tool for generating CSS Grid code and learning problems with your own
  • Studio Neat’s Tote Book, a great follow up to the Panobook
  • Animated Knots – I’ve been tying a lot more knots lately with my boat building. This is a very useful resource.
  • Cape Falcon Kayak’s video courses – This is what I’ve been using to learn how to build my kayak and paddle
  • Memos – An app that adds text search to your Photos library and allows you to copy it out of photos. Indespensible.

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