Assorted Links, 16Aug2021

  1. SuperMemo, a tool for learning and not forgetting. 2008 Wired magazine article on the founder, the other Woz. Discussion on Hacker News. Woz’s wiki/digital garden is cool, too. (h/t Hacker News)
  2. The Query Loop block introduced in WordPress 5.8 is one of the most underrated new features of WordPress Core. It opens up a lot of new possibilities with the Block Editor.
  3. Lost in Thought: The Hidden Pleasures of an Intellectual Life, a new book by Zena Hitz
  4. The Five Dimensions of Curiosity and the Four Types of Curious People (h/t Kottke)
  5. Related to #4, but found in a different place – Curiosity is not a luxury, it’s a necessity (h/t Austin Kleon)
  6. I went to make an iOS Shortcuts workflow today for Obsidian so that I could add links to a note while I’m browsing on my phone. It turns out someone already made one and there are a lot of other shortcuts community members have made, too.
    1. Obsidian for iOS is great so far, but still lacks first-class share sheet support. What I’d love is basically the same share sheet functionality that Apple Notes has (append a URL to a new note or existing note), with the added functionality of being able to append both selected text and the source URL in Markdown format.
  7. Bruno Munari’s ABC is beautiful. Zoo is, too. I’m getting both for my son.

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