Day 341 – A Year Ago Yesterday…


As I was looking through my photo library tonight, I realized that it was exactly a year ago yesterday that I saw Handel’s Messiah performed at Hillsdale. (If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, I went to see it performed in Detroit yesterday.) I saw the performances exactly a year apart! I thought that was pretty exciting.

Here are two photos I took of the performance a year ago yesterday at College Baptist:

The Hillsdale College Choir:

The violins, violas, and harpsichord, as well as Professor Holleman and the timpanis:


What’s happening in my life: It is the last week of classes now. It just started snowing this week, too, which I am excited about. I am currently finishing a paper for my Austrian economics class, and I have another one due Friday for a seminar I am taking. I praise God that my stress level is not as high as it usually is during this time in the semester, and that everything is going well in my life. I am very excited to go home in less than two weeks!

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