Day 289 – Jam, Michigan Ave, and BMG


I had an excellent day today!

I slept in, then got up and ate brunch at Jam, a trendy little spot in Ukrainian Village, just a few blocks from my cousin’s house. The food was excellent–great coffee, a tasty chocolate raspberry muffin, fingerling potatoes, and a spanish omelet with chorizo, roasted peppers, melted onions, and garrotxa cheese. The restaurant was really neat, with small tables, clear plastic chairs, and chefs out in the open.

After brunch, I decided to walk in the drizzling rain down to Michigan Ave (about 3 miles) to where Ryan works. It stopped raining about halfway there, and it stayed nice for the rest of the day. I visited Ry’s office, visited a bunch of stores down Michigan Ave. I carried my camera around all day, so I have a bunch of photos! I will post some when I get back to Hillsdale…the internet here is not very reliable.

Ryan’s girlfriend Carrie met us for a dinner of deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s. It was my first time eating it, and it was excellent! Later, we hung out at Carrie’s house for a little while, then went to the Blue Man Group show at the Briar St. Theatre. I had a great time!

Tomorrow, we are going to devour some hot wings at Jake Melnick’s, then visit some museums.

By the way: Another printed version of The Onion came out today! I was excited to find that. I really enjoy The Onion.

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  1. aunt susie Avatar

    Be careful with those hot wings!!! I hear they are brutal! Have fun!

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