Day 288 – Chicago Arrival


I finally got my paper finished, turned it in, then hopped in the vehicle and drive to visit Ryan in Chicago. Before I left, it was snowing in Hillsdale! It stopped after 10am, but there was definitely snow falling for a few hours. The ground was warm enough that it melted right away, though.

I got stuck in traffic outside of Chicago for about 40 minutes, then once I finally got to Ryan’s apartment, I just hung out until he got home. I planned on going exploring, but it was raining all day, so I just lounged around. After he got home from work, we went for a walk and ended up eating at The Silver Palms. The dining area is actually in an old railroad dining car from the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. Apparently the restaurant was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Ryan ordered the Three Little Piggy sandwich, which is a huge sandwich stuffed with smoked ham, pork tenderloin, bacon, and gruyere cheese, all topped off with an onion ring and a fried egg. I ordered the Smoked Meat sandwich, which is corned beef brisket, grilled onions, and gruyere cheese on pumpernickel. We ended up splitting the sandwiches, so we both are half of each. I liked mine better, but his mountain of pork sandwich was pretty good, too.

On the walk back, I found a newspaper box that had paper copies of The Onion, so I am looking forward to reading that later tonight.

I have very sporadic and unreliable internet at his apartment, so I might not be uploading any photos while I am here.

Plans for tomorrow: Visit Ryan’s office, walk around Michigan Ave. and take photos, eat deep-dish pizza, and go to see Blue Man Group!

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