Day 200

At 4:00 today, I met a friend of mine at the Amherst Townhall to take some photos. He is in an intro photography class, and he needed to use a SLR for this week’s assignment. After he finished the assignment, I let him try out all of the different lenses I have. To show to what extent a wide-angle lens distorts things, I let him take a photo of me holding out my hand in front of me:

The rest of my day was very nice. I went to a cookout for my Dad’s uncle’s birthday in the early afternoon, took photos, then went out to dinner with Amanda and spent the early evening walking on the beach with her.

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  1. amanda Avatar

    I must say… When I saw this photo I thought the caption would be “stop…government aggression” or something of the sort and that the remainder of your post would follow suit.

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