Day 199 – Quotes from YSC

“My goal is to confuse you at a higher level about more important things.” – Dr. Wenzel

“Road owners need to put 8 story high crosses in dangerous areas instead of ‘Go Slow’ or some nonsense like that.” – Walter Block

“I say that is nonsense…nonsense on stilts!” – Walter Block

“That is a good research strategy: fine people who don’t know what they are talking about and prove they are wrong…then you have yourself a paper.” – Larry White

“It is no coincidence that Lester Thurow’s nickname is ‘Les Thurow” (pronounced less thorough). – Larry White, in talking about how Lester Thurow does not look at both the seen and unseen

“Suppose there was a tiger in the room. Would you go over and ask it if it is a nice one or a viscous one? No! You would get the hell out! It is risky not to!” – Walter Block

The FEE seminar ended last night, so I stayed over night, then drove south to Hillsdale this morning, spend an hour there, then drove home. Here is a photo of me somewhere in the middle of Michigan today:

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