Day 171 – Cleaning

Today was a day of cleaning for me. Amanda came over and helped me clean out my room and we took a few bags of trash out and reorganized things significantly. Then, after she left, I helped my parents take the cover off of the pool and start the cleaning process to get the big in-ground pool, which is up the street at my grandma’s house, ready for swimming. I estimate that by next weekend it will be ready! We usually open it up earlier than this, but the weather has been unusually cool for this time of year, so we held off.

Here is something interesting for everyone to look at. This guy is a pretty good photographer with some very interesting photo ideas:

Also, this is for any photographers in the northern Ohio area: The Erie Shores Photography Club is having a social (everyone getting together and taking photos) at the Sandy Ridge Metropark in North Ridgeville at 5p.m. on Wed. June 24. Anyone interested in going with me?

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