Day 165 – Weekend Recap

First of all, thank you Joe Teets (nonarchist) for doing my updates for the past two days on such short notice. I flew home from New York on Friday, come home for 20 minutes to repack, then drove south to Ohio University for the weekend for my cousin’s graduation. We stayed in a cabin, which I assumed was going to have internet access. On the way down, I found out it was not going to, so I called Joe and asked him if he could do two guest updates while I was gone. Thanks, Joe!

Anyway, the graduation ceremonies at OU were nice, including an excellent speaker, renowned photographer Herman Leonard, who delivered an impromptu speech. The ceremony was a little strange, however; nearly all of the lights were off! All of the lights were on when people were filing in, but as soon as commencement started, they were all turned off, and spotlights were used to direct attention to certain areas. Here is a shot I took while the graduates were filing in:

Also, here is a candid shot I took of my wonderful Grandma while we were taking family photos outside with the graduate:

As always, click on the photos to view them at a larger size.

To finish off my weekend, I went to Amanda’s graduation party, then went to see the new Star Trek movie with Amanda and her best friend Amanda. Tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment at 10:30 a.m., then I am spending the day around the house getting some work done.

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    Nice photo of Grandma.

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