Day 154 – Fat Fish Blue/HOB

Tonight, Amanda and I ate at Fat Fish Blue in downtown Cleveland, and then went to the concert at the House of Blues that I won tickets for. (Pete Yorn and Ryan Humbert) The music was alright, but not something I would have paid for. Amanda liked it a lot, though, so that was good. Fat Fish Blue was definitely the best part of the evening. Our food was excellent, and we actually left the concert a little early so we could go back to FFB for dessert before it closed. We ate the famous Carpetbagger for dessert. For those who don’t know what it is, here is the description on the menu: “the amazing chocolate sack, loaded with sponge cake, fresh fruit and Godiva white chocolate mousse.” Excellent. Since I did not take my SLR with me, here is a shot of FFB from their website:

The rest of my day was enjoyable as well. I only worked until 11, then I met David Wagner (a friend from Hillsdale) for lunch, and hung out for the rest of the afternoon. David is an excellent baker, so we made a batch of really tasty cookies while catching up on each others’ summer so far.

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  1. HannahM Avatar

    This is why ticket giveaways are sometimes a bad idea… YOU WALKED OUT ON PETE YORN????? Gah!!!!!!!

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