Day 82 – Time to Pay the Piper

Short post today. I wanted to put a photo of these nice flowers on my blog to have something nice to look at when I open the page.
Right now I am having a severe motivation problem. It is time to pay the piper for doing little work over spring break. I have a decent amount of work and studying to do in the next week and it is getting to the point where I know I have to do it, and I know I am going to, but the joy of doing it is not there. I just need to keep a positive outlook, though, and I will get through it just fine like I always do.

A side note, I am really grateful for the wonderful friends, family, and professors I have. They inspire me to keep a positive outlook and are great role models for me and everyone else around. Here is a thank you to all of you. I may not always (if ever, unfortunately) show my gratitude. I will try from now on to do that. Even though I do not show my gratitude, however, I still do care about, admire, and greatly appreciate all you do. I am not very good at showing it most of the time, but know I do care.
Again, Thank you.

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  1. Dad Avatar

    Many of us show our appreciation in different ways. I personally try to make sure others are taken care of, while sometimes overlooking the obvious underneath my own nose. I am still working on that daily. Always try to be patient, especially with family and friends that care about you. There will be times that you need to lean on someone, what goes around comes around. You are a kind and caring person and we are proud of you! Ok enough with the dad sermon! Stay focused…. Your semester is almost over!

  2. Jenny Savage Avatar
    Jenny Savage


    Thanks for sharing your Charleston photo galleries with us. You obviously enjoy the work and we benefit from it.

    Jenny Savage (Sarah’s mom)

  3. Tyler Machovina Avatar
    Tyler Machovina

    I actually had the same problem after Spring Break. I was doing so well keeping up with my work and staying motivated, but not so much anymore. Oh the curse of vacations.

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