Year 2009


For 2009, I decided to start posting more. I posted regularly last year until I went to college and all of my time went to reading, writing, calculating, and thinking. To get in the habit of putting time aside each day to update my blog or work on my website, I decided that in 2009 I will do a “Project 365”. 


Typically a project 365 is entirely about photography–someone posts a photo taken that day to their blog with a little caption or explanation. Well, I am bending the rules a little bit. For my project 365, each day I will post a photo that I have taken (not necessarily that day, but just a nice photo so that I can display some of my work), a short opinion (mine, of course) on something that is happening, an update on what has been going on in my life, or an interesting article that I found that day. I will post something every day, and the last day will be December 31, 2009.


Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy what I post for the next 365 days! Comments and feedback are welcome! (I had comments turned off for a while because I was getting lots of spam, but I think I took care of that problem, so I turned commenting back on.)

3 responses to “Year 2009”

  1. Jacob Shalkhauser Avatar

    Project 365 sounds like it will be very interesting! I’ll be on here more often!

  2. William Avatar

    I’m glad to see you’re doing your own Project 365 now, too! I’ll be following your RSS feed.

  3. Bethany Avatar

    This sounds like a lot of work… are you allowed to bend the rules and double-post sometimes? Or always post around midnight so that you can publish two posts right after one another but they will be on different days.

    My sister enjoys good photography, so I’m going to send her over here, too!

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