Essay Weekend

I apologize for not updating for a few weeks. Also, I have yet to take pictures of the campus. I have, however, taken football and volleyball photos, as well as photos for articles in The Collegian (the nationally acclaimed student-run newspaper on campus).


I have been busy with lots of classwork the past two weeks. I have assignments in physics, history, and english almost every night; exercises and lab analysis in physics and a great deal of reading in history and English. The majority of my German work consists of learning vocab, pronouns, gender, and the basics of the language. So far, I like my professors, especially my English professor, Dr. Freeh. 


Other miscellaneous information: 1.) I officially have a job now. I work for ITS (Information Technology Services) doing computer maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. 2.) The third floor of Lane Hall, specifically room 336, is a wonderful place to study. It is quiet and very comfortable. The buildings are open until 2 a.m. so it is a good place to get some late night work done. 3.) There are 25+ NERF guns in my dorm, Niedfeldt, alone. Last weekend we took over an entire floor of one of the classroom buildings and had a battle. It was a great time. Also, since the college president Dr. Arnn boasted to us that he has a huge collection of NERF guns and Super Soakers, we invited him to join us and he wrote us in on his calendar for next weekend. Having a NERF battle with the college president should be awesome. 


I have met a lot of wonderful people here and I am making lots of friends. One person I met actually writes for the Mises Institute! It is amazing that a college student writes for such a great think tank. His name is Gennady Stolyarov. Check out his online publication: The Rational Argumentator, and his blog: The Progress of Liberty.


One more thing, check out this shirt that I bought from Praxis, a praxeology/political economy club that I joined. This is what it has on the back: (Sorry for the low-quality picture. That is what I get for using the iSight camera on my laptop.)

If you want one, I can buy you one. They cost $12. I will ship it to you! (Joe Teets, I know that you want one!) Email me.


I am spending my weekend working on two essays that are due next week. After I turn them in, I should have some time to do another update, hopefully with Hillsdale pictures!

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  1. Ryan Avatar

    i just gave my supersoakers to goodwill down the street.

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