Cleveland Orchestra Star Spangled Spectacular

…not so spectacular this year.

Well, at least not the fireworks. The orchestra sounded great and Tower City was beautifully lit up.

On the downside, however, the fireworks were in a different spot than they have been in previous years. I had my tripod and camera all set up to take some fireworks shots and all of a sudden, I hear the fireworks going on behind me. The entire audience had to turn their chairs around in order to see them. I was in a terrible spot to take photos of these fireworks (although I had chosen a prime spot for where I thought the fireworks would be). No announcements were made telling the crowd that the fireworks had switched locations this year, even though there were announcements and acknowledgements in-between each piece by the orchestra. On top of all that, just as the fireworks started, it started down-pouring. I was able to see lightning off in the distance, but I had hoped that it would hold off. No such luck. Henry, Jackie, and I had to quickly pack up all of the chairs and my camera equipment and hustle back to the vehicle, about half a mile away. We were entirely soaked. Luckily, last year, I spent the extra money to get the All-Weather cover for my LowePro SlingShot 300 camera bag. It was well worth the investment. It has bailed me out three times that I can remember. If not for that bag, my camera would have certainly gotten wet those three times. Thank you, LowePro. 

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