Post-Graduation Party Update

My trip to NY and two weeks of FEE seminars came to an end on Friday. I was originally scheduled to fly home at 7:30, but I managed to get a flight at 5:30 (which I was thankful for because LGA had a 2-hour backup for take-offs). I had a great time and learned a lot. I also had the privilege of seeing two TSA personnel harass a man for making a comment under his breath. 

Anyway, my grad party was on Saturday. I was pleased that a lot of people came and we all had a pretty good time. Since then, I have been frantically writing thank you cards for graduation gifts so that I can get them out on time. Meanwhile, my family is still in from out of town, so I have been spending time with them after I get home from work. It is a busy week so far.

By the way, I picked up my advance tickets for The Dark Knight (the midnight showing). I can’t wait. It is going to be a great movie.

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