So last week and this coming week, I have been right outside of NYC attending seminars at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE, henceforth). The first week was Freedom University and next week is History & Liberty. FEE has brought in some great speakers for the week: Gene Callahan, Sheldon Richman, Paul Cwik, Ivan Pongracic, and Burt Folsom to name a few.

I had the weekend in-between the seminars to do what ever I wanted, so I took the opportunity to explore the area and then travel into Manhattan. I got to see Central Park, Times Square, Grand Central Station, and the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. I also walked around the city of Irvington (where FEE is located). Between the cities of Irvington and Tarrytown lies a historic gothic-style mansion named Lyndhurst. I toured it on Saturday. Very neat place. ( http://www.lyndhurst.org )

I am used to having a vehicle, so walking everywhere is still a little strange to me. I will probably get used to it by the end of the week. I have had a great time so far. 

I left my camera at home, but I have my dad’s camera, so I have some photos for everyone to look at. I will put some more updates up this following week. Click the photo below to see my photos so far:

(The Apple logo at the flagship store on Fifth Avenue)

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  1. Bethany Avatar

    You don’t have too many pictures… oh wait! There’s three pages…

    Nice one of the library and the chair.

    How’d you get the picture of you and the Apple?

    Where is that Irvington-on-Hudson sign? I like it!

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