Day 181 – Secession Week

To celebrate Independence Day (coming this Saturday), it is Secession Week over at Let A Thousand Nations Bloom. Here is a blurb from their intro post about why they are calling it secession rather than independence:

The Fourth of July is commonly known as Independence Day, but a better term for it is Secession Day. Secession almost always involves multiple groups of people, some small and local, others large and distant, who want to rule the same territory. And history tells us that large, distant rulers are often reluctant to grant independence. The word “independence” takes all the historical messiness involved in winning freedom from a hostile enemy and sweeps it under the rug, while the term “secession” puts this inherent tension right out into the open.

Here are the first two posts:

Upcoming topics:

  • Wednesday – Secession vs. Revolution
  • Thursday – Federalism (Secession Lite!)
  • Friday – Non-Territorial Government: Secede Without Leaving
  • Saturday – American Revolution, Declaration of Independence, etc.

In addition to the main topics, there are also guest posts being thrown in the mix each day. Visit Let A Thousand Nations Bloom to check it out!

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