While our views on these matters typically differ, I can agree with you to some extent. This country is a bloody mess, and it’s going to take more than we collectively have to fix it because our problem is bigger than politics. Our problem is ignorance. Ignorance of race, religion, views, ethics, etc. It’s upsetting to hear you say that some at Hillsdale are afraid because of President Elect Obama.

Obama, the man who I honestly believe is the best man to unite this country, is not the one to be feared. He is the real thing, and I trust him more than anyone to get things done. Will “people in America embrace freedom and realize the coercive state is feeding them nonsense?” No, but until this country is no longer separated by race, religion, and personal views, and ignorance of such issues is a thing of the past, we can not move forward. Barack Obama is just the start, and I believe that from here on out, things will change.

Besides, I’m pretty sure that Palin is a total nutcase and if she ever became president I would help fund your Seasteading idea.