Taking Control of Our Attention


Recommendation: What Is Technology Doing To Us? Tristan Harris on Sam Harris’s podcast 

Tristan is a former Design Ethicist at Google and studied at Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab. His work highlights the design patterns in technology that grab our attention, pull us back in, and addict us. These designs are not only manipulating us, but they are making us unhappy.

Learn what these patterns are so you can recognize them and take back control.

I’m getting increasingly interested in this topic. Taking a long break from social media, turning off almost all phone notifications, and deleting all addictive apps from my phone has had a positive impact on my reading & thinking time. Breaking the typical pattern of waking up and surfing social media before getting moving for the day has made my mornings better, too.

Two related topics I’m interested in pursuing:

  1. Decreasing my cognitive load. Getting things off my mind so I can focus on what matters.
  2. Making myself less susceptible to advertising.

If you have any books, articles, or podcasts I should check out on these topics, let me know!


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