Day 2 – Illum in 2008

I was thinking about 2008 today. Among other things like graduating from high school and starting college, 2008 was a big year for Illum, Sean Nelson and my long exposure project. Some of our achievements: Two of our photos were selected to appear in the New Internationalist 2010 planner, some of our photos were shown by video in an exhibit on light writing at Museum le Compa in Chartres, France, and CultCase (Culture & Art Online Magazine) included us with 6 other groups in a write-up on light graffiti


In 2008 we also learned how to work with stencils to create different effects. This opened up many new possibilities for us. The original stencil I made is seen in the photo above. (Click the photo to view large.) You can also view more of our work on our Flickr account.


By the way, if you were reminiscent about 2008 as well and made some resolutions for 2009, check out Anthony Gregory’s article at LRC about New Year’s resolutions. He suggests that all of our resolutions should be lowering our time preference. I agree with him.

2 responses to “Day 2 – Illum in 2008”

  1. amanda Avatar

    I also agree with Mr. Gregory.

  2. Jacob Shalkhauser Avatar

    Sounds like you had a pretty good year!

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