JavaScript Learning Project Ideas


A la James Altucher’s Ten Ideas a Day

  1. Daily quote feature with quotes from the Leonard Read Almanac. 
  2. Build a searchable page to go along with the almanac. Realtime search by date and topic. 
  3. – take people’s Spotify inputs, sanitize, save, and display. Basic first, categories later. 
  4. Cocktail visualizations 
  5. Page that shows window width, window height, resolution, etc. 
  6. Header title typewriter 
  7. More Sol LeWitt art
  8. Interactive scrolling articles a la
  9. Pre-made chart template with an online data editor
  10. Common features of JS explained and real examples of use
  11. D3.js snippet and/or boilerplate collection 
  12. What seeds to plant based on time of year and location
  13. National park photo map pulling in from Instagram
  14. Book filtering for my blog’s book notes
  15. Evernote lite: Collections of editable notes if logged in, viewable but not editable if not logged in. 

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